Once you have filled out a questionnaire and are approved for a Grothaus puppy, you may either put a deposit down, or be placed on our waiting list. A deposit is to hold the next puppy of the specific type you are looking for (temperament, drives, personality, sex, color). The waiting list is just a list that I can refer to once the puppies are born to call and announce what we have available. If you are on the waiting list and we produced the puppy you are looking for, you can then put a deposit down to hold that puppy until it is ready to go home. Please note, we do keep an active waiting list before each breeding takes place. The best way to ensure your next puppy is from Grothaus, is to place a deposit early.

The deposit is $300 and is accepted with a signed copy of the deposit contract after you have been approved. The deposit is not necessarily for a certain pick in the litter, it more stands for your place in line for which puppy works best for your family and lifestyle. I will evaluate the dogs during their entire lives with a dog training and behavior background as they grow under my close supervision. I’ll watch social interactions, confidence, drives, attitude, and personalities. As I watch over the litter of puppies, I can choose which one suits your needs best as a family, lifestyle, training disciplines, and goals. This means that I could have 7 puppies that are suitable, or one. Unfortunately, sometimes mother nature has other agendas besides attending to ours, and number of puppies, sexes, colors, and personalities can never be predicted. If none is the case, due to a deposit being placed on a planned litter and the litter not providing, the deposit may then  be moved to another litter. The puppy pages, Facebook and Instagram will be updated regularly once the pregnancy is farther along, and then on until the puppies are sold. There will be pictures and videos and interested parties can watch the puppies personalities emerge as they grow. And as always, I’m available to answer any questions you may have about our dogs, our program and our puppy.