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Irrsinn Vom Neumond (Irre)

PEDIGREE & OFA… Irre is an exceptionally social and solid nerved bi-colored female, that will be going for her BH next spring. She has a world class pedigree, including several national & world champions, and is out of an Athos von den Wannaer Höhen son, and a Stormfront’s Brawnson daughter!

Irre is a beautifully structured, rich bi-colored female. Her temperament is incredible, being very sweet and loving until it is time to work, then her drive kicks on. She is social, with an incredible off switch, good with other dogs, livestock, small animals, kids & strangers and responds very well to her handler. Irre has excellent defensive drives and solid nerve, a confident female with deep grips, good bark and confidence; high but balanced working drives, excellent conformation, extremely biddable, and unaffected by anything environmentally. She also has very high ball and prey drives and loves to work. Her obedience is flashy and she is always trying to please. Tracking is methodical, with deep nose and machine like concentration. Protection on and off the field, is excellent with high aggression, calm, full bite.


Irre is currently preparing for IPO1

  • Handler Owner Trained (HOT)

  • Begleithundprüfung (BH) Title at Rogue Valley Schutzhund Club on October 6, 2018

  • CGC – Canine Good Citizen


More Pictures of Irre