All puppies are sold on limited registration. While I am not against people breeding a dog they purchase from me, I am against people telling me they have all these plans for their dog (high level titles, working certifications, etc) so they can get the best puppy in the litter, and then do nothing with it except pump out pups, many times without even doing basic health checks. I have spent years and 1000’s of thousands of dollars working with this breed, studying dogs, bloodlines, training, competing, etc.

There are too many unethical breeders putting puppies out there that do not know bloodlines, what dogs will combine well, or put any effort into finding the right homes. Their pups are for sale to anyone who has a check that clears. Many of the dogs being used for breeding aren’t being worked themselves, but are from a working pedigree, and are still capable of producing some working potential in their pups, meaning the pups need to be in homes that are prepared to deal with them. These people will produce a litter or two, discover they can’t sell the pups, wind up with a number of untrained, unsocialized 4-6 month old pups that are destroying their home, and then move on to something else, doing who knows what with the GSD they currently have. Many times I see these dogs being sold to the highest bidder to become a new fly by night breeders breeding stock, for the next round of disasters waiting to happen. I want my pups going to homes that will do something with them, not just leave them in a kennel and pump pups out. If someone has taken the time to train/title their female, understands what it has to offer the breed, done the health checks, researched the lines, and feels it is worth breeding then I will change the registration to full (this is covered in more detail in contract). If the breeding being done is one I approve of I will also provide support and send potential pup buyers their way.