Ammo Vom Grothaus (Ammo)

PEDIGREE… Ammo vom Grothaus is available to an active companion, performance or sport home. He would be well suited for competition obedience, nose work  rally, agility, etc, with some polishing. Ammo is an almost 2 year old drivey male who is velcro to his handler. He has quick, flashy obedience and nice foundation work, but he will require someone with working dog experience to set boundaries and stay consistent. He has high prey and hunt drives, and is very toy motivated. 

Ammo is not a service dog prospect, nor a pet/couch potato, though he would do well as an active companion with an experienced handler and outlets for his drives. He’s good in the house, quiet in his crate and rides well in vehicles. Well mannered and relaxed in busy public settings. Ammo gets along well with cats and small dogs, but prefers to be the only male. Xrays of his hips, elbows and spine are available.

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Click HERE to see Ammo’s grandfather Javir vom Talka Marda (SCHH3, (V1-BSP 2008), (SG-WUSV 2008- 3° PLATZ), IPO3, AD Kkl 1 ), in obedience and HERE to watch him in protection at the 2008 WUSV IPO Championship. The power on this male is incredible.


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