Let’s Talk About Training Your Grothaus Puppy…

The Good Shepherd Training has offered to partner with Grothaus and offer 50% off their ‘Let’s Talk Puppy!’ class, and we are ecstatic to share this opportunity with our puppy families!

What will be covered:

* Engagement, relationship building, and obedience
* Potty training
* Crate training
* Socialization
* They are little: know their limits
* Appropriate puppy behavior: know your breed
* Rules, boundaries, and keeping it fun
* Crying, barking, jumping, and biting
* Health, exercise, obsticles, and surfaces
* Equipment

This class is designed for all breeds of puppies up to 6 months old, though we may take a little older puppies if they would benefit from this comprehensive course. New material will be added weekly for 2 months, and then the class stays open and active for an additional 6 months to give everyone time to work at their own pace and review material and ask questions. It will be held in a closed Facebook group so only members have access.

The cost for this class is usually $400; however… this class is offered to Grothaus puppies for 50% off at only $200! Be sure to LIKE The Good Shepherd on facebook too!