Handler Wanted

Handler Wanted! Cat is a sable female born August 18th, 2019. She shows very nice, high drives, is confident & outgoing, and will be a strong female suitable for experienced active companion, sport, performance or working home. Started on tracking, luring/obedience, intense focus, and walks nicely on leash. Quiet in crate and [...]


Ammo has found his home!

Ammo has found his home! Ammo has found a wonderful family and along with being a very active family companion, and jogging partner, he will be training as a truffle hunter! I'm very excited for this wonderful boys future and look forward to seeing him excel. Some of you may remember Green [...]


Amy x Ronin Repeat Breeding

Amy x Ronin puppies due around August 18th, 2019 Grothaus K9 Working German Shepherds is excited to announce our upcoming August litter! A repeat of our 'A' litter, we are once again expecting rich pigment with nice bone, excellent drives and great candidates for sport, working or active companion. Sire: Ironin Von Grunheide, [...]


Let’s Talk Puppy Training!

Let's Talk About Training Your Grothaus Puppy... The Good Shepherd Training has offered to partner with Grothaus and offer 50% off their 'Let's Talk Puppy!' class, and we are ecstatic to share this opportunity with our puppy families! What will be covered: * Engagement, relationship building, and obedience * Potty training * Crate [...]


Bred with HEART

What is AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T? Grothaus kennels is enrolled in the AKC Bred with H.E.A.R.T. program. This program is meant to improve the health and well-being of purebred dogs through breeders like us, who have made a commitment to breeding better dogs through education and health testing. HEALTH Certifying that their breeding [...]


Grothaus ‘B’ litter is here!

Hex & Ronin Litter is here! Hex whelped 2 feisty, beautiful male puppies on Dec. 8th (1 black & tan and 1 sable). Both were big, healthy and over a pound each. PUPPY PEDIGREES http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/breeding.result?father=2493300&mother=2449462 Expecting bold, confident puppies with rich pigment, nice bone, excellent drives and great candidates [...]


Grothaus ‘A’ litter is here!

Amy & Ronin Litter is here! Amy whelped 8 feisty, beautiful puppies on thanksgiving day, 5 males and 3 females (6 are black and tan, possibly a bi or two, and 2 sables). All were big at over a pound each and healthy. PUPPY PEDIGREES http://www.pedigreedatabase.com/german_shepherd_dog/breeding.result?father=2493300&mother=2483186 Expecting bold, confident [...]


Irre’s OFA

X-rays & OFA testing for Irre Irre had her hips & elbows X-rayed today and sent to OFA and her vet checked her dentition and patellar luxation (both normal) and sent them to OFA also! Click to meet Irre


Common warning signs of a BYB

Once you know what it is to look for and clearly know the difference between the two it is easy to spot the unscrupulous breeders just by their postings or web pages. Some things are just flat, well obvious. Some people wouldn't think of without knowing ahead of time. This is not to bash [...]


Amy’s Pregnant!

Amy & Ronin Litter Confirmed Amy & Ronin's litter was confirmed via ultrasound at our vet's office today, and we are over the moon excited! We counted 6-7 with a few more in the other horn, they are due November 24th and will be our "A" vom Grothaus litter, [...]

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