FAQ about getting a puppy from Grothaus

We take breeding and puppies very seriously at Grothaus Kennels, that’s why we do our very best to ensure the success and happiness of each and every Grothaus puppy, buyer and family. Here are a few of the most common questions we get asked, but we are always happy to chat and answer any others you may have.

Take a look around our website and ask as many questions as come to mind. Set up an appointment for a visit (distance permitting) and see our dogs in person. If you are new to the breed, wisit a couple of conformation shows and working trials to see what these dogs are all about. We will ask you some questions too and may also ask you to fill in our puppy questionnaire. We will need to know about your plans and hopes for your puppy, your experience with dogs, and what kind of living situation your new puppy will have. When all is well, and you are determined to get a puppy, we ask you to place a deposit. We maintain a waiting list for our puppies from the most litters.
The deposit is $300 and is not refundable but can be moved to one of the upcoming litters. You can do it twice, and hopefully not at the last minute. If the third puppy offered is not what you were hoping for, we consider that perhaps there are other things going on, and you will forfeit your deposit. Of course we make every effort on our part to offer you the most suitable and wonderful puppy.

The total price for a puppy is $1,800 – $2,000 for a puppy, plus any shipping. The price depends on the ratings and achievements of the parents, costs involved in the breeding, etc. We strive to keep our prices reasonable, while maintaining world class quality health, temperament and pedigrees.

It can take anywhere from a couple of weeks up to 6 months, depending on your specific wants, needs, planned litters and available puppies. We take great care in matching the right puppy with the correct drives to each family and their lifestyle.

If the puppy is of show or working quality, we are more than happy to still place him in a home where his main job is to be an active companion and where he will be loved and spent a lot of time with. However, it doesn’t change the quality of the puppy, and the price remains the same.

Usually our puppies leave our home and kennel when they are 8 – 10 weeks old, after they’ve been microchipped, wormed, and have received all necessary vaccinations according to their age.

Puppies are very susceptible to disease and if a virus is introduced, an entire litter may be lost and future litters endangered. Visitors may have been visiting animal shelters, or other kennels prior to coming to Grothaus, and could transmit viruses quite easily. Some mothers of the pups get very protective at this point, and will get nervous knowing that there are strangers near her puppies. It’s also very difficult to evaluate puppies at an early age, so the best time to come, look at the puppies, and pick up your puppy is after they are at least 7-8 weeks old. At this age they have received their initial vaccinations and their personalities and structure can be evaluated much easier. I understand this is an exciting time and it can be difficult to wait, I’ve been there, and that’s why I will post plenty of puppy photos and videos on our social media accounts and websites.

Yes, if a customer lives too far away, we will ship the puppy, and take care of all necessary paperwork and arrangements with the airline or transport. This will include a health check by the vet prior to shipment and crate.

Shipping cost for an 8-10 week old German Shepherd puppy is about $450 anywhere in the US. This includes the crate that the puppy will be shipped in, which is yours to keep, and the cost of the Health Certificate. The cost of shipment of an older puppy may be higher due to increased weight or if a larger crate is needed.

We will confirm shipping arrangements with you 1-3 days before shipment and will inform you of the airline, flight number, confirmation number, and arrival time. You will need to go to your airport’s cargo facility where you will be picking up the puppy. We will stay in touch throughout the entire shipping process.

No. The paperwork necessary for obtaining an AKC registration certificate and a pedigree will arrive separately. We forward AKC paperwork to our customers as soon as we receive it, but it usually arrives when puppies are older than 8 weeks. In some cases, we will do the registration online, and can email you the paperwork.

There are two main things that will help your puppy develop well… Socialization and diet. Please do not take them lightly! While your puppy is growing, you need to make a special effort to take him/her different places where he/she can meet people of different ages, other dogs, see traffic, hear different noises, etc… almost every day! Look at this as an additional responsibility that comes with owning a puppy. Making such an effort for a short period of time (just a few months) will dramatically impact the entire future life of your dog. As far as the diet goes, we have lots of resources on this website  – please read them.

To safeguard our puppies and kennel name, we have a special policy in our contract when it comes to breeding dogs from Grothaus Kennels. Once you meet the criteria outlined, we are happy to support you in breeding responsibly and ethically.