Amy earned her BH title!

It's Official Queen Amy Von SchloB Winnental, CGC, BH received her BH title on Saturday at Snohomish Schutzhund Club in Washington, under judge Zoltan Nagy! Amy's Information


Hex & Amy OFA

Xrays for Hex & Amy Hex and Amy got their hips & elbows X-rayed today and sent to OFA and SV!! Doc also checked their spines for any abnormalities. We are anxiously waiting for official results, but they looked great!


Welcome to Grothaus, K9 Ronin!

Welcome Ironin Von Grunheide! We are very pleased to announce that Ironin Von Grunheide (Ronin) will be joining Grothaus K9! Ronin retired from the Hillsboro, Oregon Police department, where he attained an impressive record of apprehensions. Representing the Hillsboro Police Department at the 2013 & 2014 Police K9 Trials, HPD K9 Ronin took [...]

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CGC titles for all!

4 New CGC Titles for Grothaus! Today we added a few new titles to the girls, they had an excellent showing under struct testing by the renowned handler, judge and breeder, Lori Nickerson. Hexen Vom Neumond (Hex) BH, CGC, HOT G Queen Amy von Schloß Winnental (Amy) CGC, HOT Irrsinn vom Neumond (Irre) CGC, HOT Echo [...]

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OFA eye exams normal!

Hex & Amy are both normal for their OFA CAER CERTIFICATION ! Formerly known as CERF, now CAER or Companion Animal Eye Registry, Dr. Sarah Maxwell from Veterinary Ophthalmic Consulting, PC examined both girls for and genetic conditions or anomalies to their eyes and found them to be normal! Just another small piece to getting [...]

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Training with Neumond K9!

I've hit the big time! I'm going pro everyone and will officially by an assistant trainer! Shelby Anderson of Neumond K9 and I have been working together for a few years now and our philosophy on dog training is the same, so we are making it official, and I will be her [...]


A Sneak Peek

A sneak peek at the sire of our 2017 litters... Ironin Von Grunheide, Police K9 PEDIGREE Press release from Hillsboro PD "The K9 Trial competition consisted of six different scenarios related to police patrol K9 work including an area search, agility course, fastest dog, suspect apprehension, vehicle extraction and master protection. Representing [...]

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Questions to Ask a Breeder

Congratulations, you've decided to get a GSD puppy! Now what? How do you tell the ethical, responsible breeders from the back yard breeders? Just as all dogs are not created equal, neither are breeders, but by asking a few simple questions, you can usually weed out the ones to stay away from... 1. What certified [...]

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