All those letters… What do they mean?

Many people ask me what the letters after a dog’s name mean. And what the hip ratings mean. This is a great question and requires a very lengthy answer. First, I must explain that each country like Germany, Czech, and Poland for example all have different working titles they use as well as different names [...]


What is the difference between American and German Lines?

And the answer is... Everything! The German Shepherd began as a herding and working dog. Put through a series of tests over the years through service and Schutzhund/IPO work. Generations of Germans put their time and efforts into creating a breed that could stand the test of time. A breed that could herd sheep and [...]


Do you sell puppies with breeding rights?

All puppies are sold on limited registration. While I am not against people breeding a dog they purchase from me, I am against people telling me they have all these plans for their dog (high level titles, working certifications, etc) so they can get the best puppy in the litter, and then do nothing with it except pump out [...]

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