How do I get a Grothaus puppy?

We are a small family owned and operated kennel and we only produce a couple of litters per year, this small volume allows us the personal attention each puppy and puppy buyer deserves in this process. We take our responsibility for every puppy we produce, very seriously and care very much about the type [...]


How do puppy deposits work?

Once you have filled out a questionnaire and are approved for a Grothaus puppy, you may either put a deposit down, or be placed on our waiting list. A deposit is to hold the next puppy of the specific type you are looking for (temperament, drives, personality, sex, color). The waiting list is just [...]


How does the purchase process work & what is the cost of a puppy?

The purchase process begins when you fill out the questionnaire and contact me about a puppy. I receive between 5 and 20 inquiries a week regarding puppies, the questionnaire has been designed as a way to begin to get to know you, and also keep track of “who is who” until we get to know each [...]

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