Many people that read our motto seem to have missed the “that WORK” portion and focus on the “in the home” portion. Our dogs are bred first and foremost to work, and if they are given a job to do they are happy to live with you. Yes, they can be house dogs, but this does not mean they are couch potatoes that are happy with a walk around the block 3 times a day to potty, and playing Frisbee at the park once a week. When I have one of my dogs out and about and people meet it, their impression is a well behaved, social or socially neutral dog and they assume that is just the natural state of the breed. They do not realize the hours of training, socialization and work that have gone into raising the dog and that part of what they are looking at are trained behaviors. If you aren’t willing to put that time and energy into your own dog, you will not end up with the same type of adult.